6 Rules that you need to keep in mind while doing SEO

In present times, SEO has become a fad. It is considered as a profitable venture for students, web designers, and copywriters.

With ravages of time, I have learnt some SEO tips, tweaks, and tricks, hope it helps you. A word of caution for all seo services company- the tips and tricks change or simply they come and go. On the other hand there are some tricks that are considered as a basic principle. Here are some basic techniques.

Content is the parameter of success- It may seem as an age old cliché, but the staunch reality is content still remains the king. No seo services company can enhance the value of your website; if the content is fluff. The Content should be informative, well researched, and it should add value to the reader’s knowledge. Remember, without it no SEO technique will work in your favor.

Google is the benchmark- Every seo services company in India or abroad need to understand the fact that Google is your associate and you can’t compete with it. There are two approaches either work hard on Google techniques or outsmart those techniques. The ball falls in your court.

Outsmarting mean using black hat SEO techniques- it is a way where you take advantage of areas in Google loopholes. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal way to enhance your page ranking, but with the recent updates (Google Penguin), these techniques may prove as a headache to you.

A good company will advise you, to follow the Google rules and policies. An advanced SEO does not encourage spamming, rather it restricts it.

Understand the business model- Google Business Model is not difficult to understand; it may seem daunting on the first beat, but it is actually not so difficult. Google emphasizes on the exact match query, and if your website or blog, is able to do that, you become Google’s favorite otherwise you are ripped off.

In simple words, if you want to rank high in organic search engine results, you need to make sure that your content is 100 percent original and it pass copyscape test.

Content is the king, but- yes, there is a big but to it. Creating high quality content is one of the prominent ways to enhance your SERP. What if you have loads of unique and original content- will it give a way to success? The answer is no, you need to promote the content through various social networking sites like Twitter, facebook, google plus, etc.

Networking the next big communication tool- Social networking is the next big thing that every seo services in India need to consider. You can achieve this by posting your content on various social networking sites.

Today, there is a fashion of tweeting and retweeting or creating facebook page- but why? The underlying reason is Google tracks all those links and consider it as a top notch page. The end result is enhancement in SERP rankings.

So, move ahead with a bang, you will surely succeed.