Ways to make your website SEO friendly

In the present times, there are innumerable websites, but do you think that having just a website is not enough. Well, a web design company also ensures that it ranks higher on Google search engine ranking.

How to attain the targeted visitor is not an easy cup of tea. Here are some tips to convert your website into search engine friendly website.

The website should be designed simple

Every web design company needs to ensure that the site should be simple and uncomplicated. It is essential to make appropriate use of white spaces. Use proper fonts and background to make the website look more alluring.

Don’t indulge in java script

Web design should not overindulge itself in the JAVA script, as it leads to decrease in search engine ranking. Moreover, Google algorithm is not adept in reading java script codes and it enhances the load time of website, which in turn annoys the visitor.

Avoid excessive use of flash

It is in the best interest to avoid using excessive frame and flash, as it lowers down the speed of website.


Every web development company need to ensure that the website should be easily navigable and the standard navigation tabs should be used. Indulgence in freaky elements will dart away the visitors from the website.

Don’t use images excessively

It is of utmost importance that a web designer should not use excessive images. Excessive use of graphics reduces the load speed of the website.

Increase the web usability

The usability of a website can be increased only by decreasing the website load time. Every web development company needs to ensure that to reach the visitors; it is essential to reach the visitors aptly.

Ensure web server works

It is necessary to use the hosting service provider that is friendly and provides round the clock solution. Because if the website is unavailable when the visitor clicks on it then the business enterprise will face loss.

Add relevant Content

Every web design company needs to add informative and solid content in the website. The fluff content will lead to loss in the business.

Keeping your website informative and engaging is a key to success.

Site Map

Adding site map ensures that a website can be easily located by the Google. Moreover, the sitemap provides an easy access to website visitor.

Add vertical scrolling

To increase the website usability; it is essential that you add vertical scrolling, instead of horizontal scrolling. A key to success is to make the information highly relevant and concise. When the users come to the website a feel good factor should prevail.

Hence, it is essential to keep in mind above mentioned points, so that your website is able to siphon the money.