SEO Terms for Amateur SEO companies

The term SEO has become a benchmark of success for all the internet marketers. Today, host of companies provide seo services at a cheap rate. But before leaping towards any company, you need to know the grass root level or SEO basics.

If you have a website or blog, and you dream to make it large, you need to familiarize yourself with the common SEO terms. Some of you may know the terms, but the post can be a perfect start for amateur seo services company.

SEM- SEM stands for search engine marketing, it is used to market services through the help of search engines. SEM can be categorized into two parts

SEO- SEO is a term that deals with search engine optimization of website, so that it attains the top echelon position in the Google or in any organic search result.

PPC- PPC stands for pay per click advertising and through this technique; you can purchase the clicks from the search engine.

Backlink- A backlink is a link hyperlinked on another website that points back to your website. SEO services company consider it as an important factor. There are various ways to build a backlink, common among them are

  • Article Submission

  • Directory Submission

  • Profile building

  • Leaving your link on web 2.0 sites

  • Building social profile i.e. remaining active on twitter, google plus. Xing, facebook, etc.

  • Guest Blogging

Page Rank- Many SEO services companies in India claim that they can make your company website the no 1 website in search engine or they can enhance the page ranking of your website. But what actually a page rank is. A page rank is a factor based on which Google decides relevance and importance of pages. Quality links can be seen as trust of vote.

Linkbait-a linkbait is written text or video with a mission to attract other website or blogs. A pertinent example of linkbait is top 5 or top 10 lists that are mostly seen in a social bookmarking sites.

Link Farm- It is another way to promote your website or blog. Many seo services in india consider it as a technique to increase the page rank. The harsh reality is this method is considered as spam by Google. Also, you can be penalized for using such techniques.

Meta tags- Meta tags represent your website, don’t believe it, at least Google does. You can place metatags in the heading section of the HTML codes. These tags are not visible to the visitors.

Nofollow- Mostly, every seo services in india recommend a dofollow link. The reason is the website that is offering you a nofollow link is not promoting your link. Google don’t count a nofollow link as a valid backlink, and hence it does nothing to improve page ranking of the website.

Search Algorithm- It is a quintessential part that Google considers. It alters its search algorithm on the basis of relevant search query. There are numerous factors that Google take into account.

  • Uniqueness of the content- It simply means the content should not, barely scratch the surface. Content should be relevant and of high quality. No fluff content.

  • Other factors are meta tag, page rank, etc.

Hope these basic terms help you to build a fairly successful website.