Social Media Optimization

Present time Social media is the best medium to communicate with the people and connect to them. Social Media optimization or SMO is the one stop answer to all your social media undertakings and the need to fully utilize the potential of the social media. You need to take advantage of the SEO benefits inherent in social media engagement. SMO is closely related to SEO (search engine optimization) and the two website optimization methods are usually used together.

Our social media optimization specialists will help define your audience, develop your strategies and then the fun part — serving as your ‘virtual vocal chords’! We capture your voice and communicate with your audience as a representative of your brand. We offer a variety of managed social media services in addition to our affordable SEO services for small business websites.

Our SMO services include:

Facebook (Profile & Brand page creation, account management)
Twitter (Account creation & tweets, account management)
LinkedIn (Profile & company page creation, account management)
Pinterest (Profile creation & pin, account management)
Google+ (Profile & company page creation, account management)
Hi5 (profile creation & updation)
Digg (Profile creation, updation and account management)
Stumbleupon (Profile creation, updation, stumbling and account management)
Myspace (Profile creation, updation and account management)
Youtube (Profile creation, video uploading and account management)

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